About Colleen


Colleen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Master of Arts in Community and Family Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University.  She has been supporting individuals and couples through lifestyle changes and transitions for over 13 years.

Pregnancy, marriage and parenthood can all be challenging times.  Colleen will give you the caring support you need and help you to make healthier choices in your life.

As a member of Postpartum Support International, Colleen is skilled in diagnosing and treating postpartum anxiety and depression in a caring and effective way.  She promotes marital well being by involving the spouse in her treatment and recognizes the importance of family cohesiveness through this first year of life. 


Family planning, Fertility & Adoption

Pregnancy Support

Postpartum Support

New Motherhood



Career Loss or Change





Colleen is the mother of twins and understands first hand the challenges that accompany women in creating a work-life balance, a satisfying marriage and the demanding yet rewarding role of motherhood.