Colleen Campo MA, LMHC


“Exceptional Care for your life during times of need and change”

“I offer a strength-based wellness approach to people and their lives.  As your therapist I will encourage you to take action and make the changes necessary to improve satisfaction with yourself, your relationships, and your career.  We all get stuck sometimes.  Feeling stagnant in your day to day life, having the same argument with your spouse over and over again, or just managing stress in the same way you have for years and discovering it is no longer useful.”

I will help you generate momentum with:

Your day to day life.  Follow through with commitments or activities you have been putting off.  Create new ways to bring balance to your life by providing a fresh perspective and encouraging you to take action. 

I will help you generate momentum with:

Your relationship by making some sense out of the ‘broken record’ feeling you have and encouraging you to try new ways of relating that brings more satisfaction to your marriage and yourself.

I will help you generate momentum with: 

Your new role as a mother and find ways to enjoy it rather than endure it.

I will help you generate momentum with:

How you handle stress.  Attempt different ways of coping in order to decrease anxiety and take charge of your life.

Individual  & Couples Counseling Available

New York City

568 Broadway, Suite 402

New York, New York  10012

Greenwich Connecticut

132 E. Putnam Ave., Suite H

Cos Cob, Connecticut 06807



Improve important relationships

Feel prepared for motherhood

Strategize parenting approaches

Take action steps towards important goals

Move through significant life changes more smoothly

Make decisions more confidently

Decrease stress due to anxiety